How does the order process work?

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Here is a step-by-step guide on how the order process works and what you should do when you receive an order from a customer on Todelli.

Prior to an order

  • Make sure that only products that are available to sell are visible to your profile. You can amend whether a product is available by visiting 'My products', 'Edit', and then selecting the right option to the question 'Is this product available?' (yes/no)
  • Please ensure that you add your Retail prices inc. of VAT (The VAT form field will only be used for invoicing purposes and won't add anything to the price you have defined)
  • Once one of your products is added to a buyer's basket you will receive an informative email about it. We always verify buyers so that you can rest assured that you will receive your payment
  • Once the order is in place you will receive an informative email about it. Please make sure you add the,, addresses in your mail list to ensure that emails don't go to your spam folder
  • When you receive an order you accept it by default. If you need to cancel it you can do this within the 'My orders' area and let us know the reason about it.  

After an order

  • After you receive the order you will need to mark it as shipped. You can do this under the 'My orders' page and by visiting the specific order page
  • You have a 5-day window to ship your order but please ensure that you do ship as quickly as possible and that it arrives within your pre-defined timeframe.
  • Before shipping your box please click on the ‘Print details’ link on the order details page. Print & add a copy of this page to your package.
  • Once your product is shipped, click on the ‘Mark as shipped’ button and add your invoice reference & delivery reference to let the buyer know that the products are on their way and allow them to track them.
  • Todelli's system will allow buyers to download an invoice for the order, the invoice will include your reference.
  • You will not need to send an invoice yourself. You can download a copy for your records from the 'My orders' area as well. 
  • Once the order is dispatched we will wait for 3-5 days for the product to reach the buyer. 
  • Your first payout is made 7-10 days after your first successful order is received by the buyer.
  • We will charge our fee at every transaction you have on the platform
  • Find more about how much you will get paid and when here

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