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Welcome to the Todelli community! We are passionate about bringing you the best ingredients, whether you're a home cook, a foodie, a nutritionist, a small caterer or a chef! 

At Todelli you can add products from multiple farms and food & drink makers in one basket. We believe in provenance and transparency that ensure sustainable ways of shopping – and that in turn secure long-lasting environmental and economic variety and prosperity.

On Todelli you can shop with confidence, knowing that every product we carry is rigorously assessed and verified for sustainability and adheres to at least two of our five core values.

We will sail you step by step through the discovery of our platform up to the final purchase stage. We designed Todelli to be user-friendly so as to facilitate the exchange of information and products between producers and customers and to make this process less time-consuming. Although your experience on our platform should run smoothly, we will quickly help you get through it by discovering all the features and paths you may want to undertake once you are on our website or App.


Step 1 << Discover Todelli & new products >>

At the top of our homepage on, you can find a search bar enabling you to search for the products you are interested in. Note that just under that you can click to view all ingredients and drinks but also to view the profiles of the makers we are working with. If you scroll down a bit, the 'new & noteworthy' producers will be showcased. Once you become familiar with the platform and most of the suppliers on board, remember to frequently check this section to keep yourself informed about new arrivals. Click on 'see all products' to be able to compare and filter everything we have available.

If you are curious to know from which part of the UK and the world our suppliers come from, click on our filters and select a specific origin/country or the characteristic of a product (you can for example choose to see only vegan products or only organic). 


Step 2 << Filter out suppliers >>

After getting the hang of the general functioning of the platform, it’s time to narrow down the wide circle of products showcased there and focus on the specific type of product that you are currently looking for.

Either type in the search bar or click on the pre-defined filters to easily scout for ingredients, location, company name and food category, as well as browse within specific regions or even search for a characteristic of a product – e.g. ‘Gluten free' or ‘Organic’. You can select more than one filter at the same time and ‘Clear filters’ with a single click on the button. You should only see the desired results and continue your search by scrolling down the page as you did before. From small local farmers to independent delis, you'll be able to find it all at Todelli!


Step 3 << Message a supplier >>

At the bottom of each product page there’s a ‘Send us a message’ button which allows you to chat directly with the food or drink maker in case you have questions or even to ask for food samples or connect with them to get more info about their products before or after you buy. Their marketing person will instantly receive your message and get back to you.

It’s of greatest importance to us to allow fast, reliable, and direct communication and networking among our community in order to speed up the buying process and give you confidence as a customer that you have all the information you need. 


Step 4 << Check the delivery slot >>

Below every product description, you can find the estimated number of days for the product to arrive to your door. If you’d like it to be delivered faster you can always message the maker and discuss your delivery.

Step 5 << Buy a product >>

Once you add your desired product to basket, you're just one step away from receiving it on your doorstep: select the quantity you’d like to purchase (pay attention to minimum quantities and delivery slots), add it to your Basket and check out. This takes just one minute; you’ll then receive a receipt (or invoice if you are buying as a business; if you’re keen on buying more than one product, you’ll just receive one invoice for multiple suppliers at the end).

You’ll also be able to keep track of your order by checking the ‘My orders’ section in your private profile. There, you can see where your product is throughout its journey from order to delivery.

Just in case you change your mind, read our how to cancel your order section and, if there is anything specific that you are looking for, just drop us a line at and we will scout it for you!

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