How much will I be paid and when?

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How much will I be paid?

It is free to display your products on Todelli. To help operate the Todelli platform, we charge a service fee to producers when a product is sold.

The following commission and fees are charged when you sell a product on Todelli:

  • Commission, at 10% of the total product's retail price, as set by you. 
  • This is not applied to the shipping charge for the order, which is passed on to you in full in order to cover your costs.
  • VAT at the rate of 20% of the value of the commission.
  • Transaction fees, at 3%, of the total product value, to cover the third-party cost of each online transaction. 

The following is an example based on a product valued at £100.00 and shipping costs of £10.00:

Transaction details

Food or drink product retail price100.00Included
Shipping cost as defined by you10.00Included
10.00% commission onProduct amount only
3% transaction fee on total order amount

We are currently not charging VAT

Total payments110.00-110.00
Total refunds0.00-0.00
Total commission

Total transaction fees

- 3.3



Balance to be paid out to seller



When will I get paid?

  • Once the order is dispatched we will wait for the product to reach the buyer and allow 4 days, in case the buyer wants to request a refund. After that, the funds will be on the way to you. Buyers are charged automatically after they complete a transaction to ensure you always get paid. 
  • Your first payout is made 7-10 days after your first successful payment is received.
  • We will be asking for the most appropriate bank account via our system in order to make a payment to you and you should be receiving an email from Todelli after marking your first order as shipped.
  • The buyer will be able to download an invoice on your behalf from the 'My orders' area. You do not need to send them an invoice and you can download a copy of that for your reference from the same area too. That's it! You don't need to do anything else.


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